Thursday, 23 February 2023 12:59

HR Director Jane Cheeks “gets it”

Jane 3833Human Resources Director Jane Cheeks was recognized as a “CEO Who Gets It” by the National Safety Council.

She, along with several other industry leaders, were featured on the February edition of Safety and Health Magazine, a monthly publication of the National Safety Council based out of Itasca, Ill.

NSC President and CEO Lorraine M. Martin wrote Cheeks “successfully advocated the implementation of a new safety management system that has improved safety outcomes across city departments.”

The write up also stated Cheeks used her servant leadership style to gain the trust of other key leaders and organizations to develop a task force that supported her goal of implementing the ANSI Z10 Safety Management System.

She also sought partnerships that had high visibility into operations that were at high risk, the article stated, adding that her goal was a get to the root of those issues first and then implement countermeasures that targeted those specific hazards.

By doing this, Cheeks was able to gain the desired results, and changed the overall safety culture of the City of Houston’s 26 municipal departments, the article said.

“The NSC recognized seven executives who have shown their workers, organizations and communities that nothing should matter more to an employer than safety and health, while also being dedicated to finding new solutions, creating stronger cultures and engaging workers more deeply in their work of  saving lives,” Martin wrote.

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