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Certified Maintenance Manager Class

On Oct. 8, 2021, Wastewater Operations Maintenance completed its first-ever Certified Maintenance Manager Course.  During the four-and-a-half-day course, a large amount of leading industry information was shared with our personnel. The information ranged from asset management to condition-based maintenance and budget/finance. 

Houston Water is extremely proud that our maintenance staff continually takes the initiative to learn and develop further,  understanding that they will become the leaders the City of Houston will look to one day. We hope this is the first group of many to attend this type of class, teaching all team members the importance of not simply repairing and maintaining equipment but ensuring it is reliable when doing so. We thank our leadership team for investing in our team and the future of Houston Water (Houston Public Works).

From Left to Right:

Last Row: David Herbert, Nathan Figueroa, Brian Brown, Stephen Hooks, Herman Darden, Trevor Herpaul, Jordan Cameron, & Joseph Donatto.

2nd Row: William Fuller, Jackie Lathan, Raymond Ramdeo, Trevion Bailey, Willie Laster, & Pete Garcia

1st Row: Guadeloupe Arevalo, Arturo Carrillo, Richard Bellinger, Ralph Hect, Junying Lu, & Daffy Burrough

Best Regards,

Raymond Ramdeo, CPM.

Deputy Assistant Director|Houston Water

4545 Groveway Drive, Houston, TX 77087 


Office: 832-395-3570

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