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HR Safety’s Worden goes extra mile with professional association

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The president of a safety professional association has expressed her appreciation for HR Safety officer Cory Worden’s work with the organization.

Deborah Roy, president of the American Society of Safety Professionals, wrote her thanks to Safety Administrator Bobby Hawkins.

“On behalf of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), we want to express our appreciation to City of Houston for your support. Cory Worden has served in a leadership position for ASSP. Cory is able to be actively involved with the community and the society because of your support,” she wrote.

“Employer support of our members is critical to maintaining a strong organization. ASSP recognizes this commitment and provides opportunity to advance our leader's technical knowledge and leadership skills. ASSP leaders gain professional development and build skills such as problem solving, decision making, teamwork, and project management. All of these bring value to both your company and Cory.”

Roy complimented Worden for his efforts to connect ASSP members to resources and guidance that helps them and their organizations respond lo emerging workplace challenges.

ASSP is an organization of 39,000-plus occupational, safety and health professionals.

“Cory's contributions are important to the organization. Thank you for your support of Cory and ASSP,” Roy wrote.

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