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Downtown disturbing and aggressive speed driving

It’s no secret that speeding and driving dangerously is not safe and can result in tragic consequences. One Houston resident took it on himself to speak about the matter. Here is his email: 

Dear Mr. Mayor, 

I have recently taken up residence downtown near my office and I am extremely concerned about the instances of 'racing/driving dangerously and noisy speeding' that is occurring in and around Market Square downtown.  This is especially dangerous with young children and pedestrians attending the Saturday morning Market Square Farmers Market - a friendly and supportive event for local businesses in the morning.  

At no time between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. did I see any law enforcement presence. Meanwhile the drivers of the vehicles were 'doing circuits' around the streets with complete impunity.   

I write to your office as a responsible citizen in order that this matter is brought to your immediate attention.  I will respectfully await comments from your office on this matter and trust you are able to mitigate the risk of a serious road traffic incident.  


Scot Innes Fraser 

Mr. Fraser did not have long to wait for a follow up response: 

Dear Mr. Mayor, 

I had the pleasure of receiving a follow-up to the email below from Sergeant Roberto Tamayo.  Officer Tamayo called me and then personally interviewed me at my office location this morning to take some further details and to share the forward strategy for policing this issue.  I respectfully acknowledge his and your office’s response and shared concern.   

Officer Tamayo is a credit to his office and the HPD and I will follow-up with him over the next few weeks as his mitigation strategy takes effect. 

Once again thank you for the follow-up. 

Scot Fraser 

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