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Mayor’s Community Liaison bridges local university with outreach center

Houston woman praises communication and response time for elderly aunt’s dilemma. 


If you’ve ever wondered how communication from residents with problems to the city works, here is an example given by Cecil Hurd about a stray dog issue her elderly aunt faced: 

I'm writing on behalf of my elderly Aunt Jeanette Penn who lives next door to this address.  She lives at 3115 Brisbane and has made a few calls to report the stray dogs at the above address over the past couple weeks.   

The first call there was one dog, now the number of dogs has grown to four! We are asking for assistance on her behalf because of her safety.  She's afraid to leave her home in the daytime.  

Council member Shabazz, I believe this is in your District.  Please assist with this matter if possible.  My Aunt is a registered voter and deserves to be safe in her own neighborhood.  Her contact information is listed below. Thank you for your time and consideration to this matter.   

Shortly after, we received this update: 

Thank you for your prompt response to this matter! I just received a phone call from my Aunt and she was so happy to report that someone had come out to attend to this matter.  They were able to catch three of the four dogs and will follow up again tomorrow.   We definitely need more animal control officers like the one who came out today.  

Thank you to Mr. Mears for your professionalism and prompt attention and also to Officer Tom.  I certainly want to thank you Mayor Turner for making sure this matter was resolved.   



Cecily Hurd 

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