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Houston resident praises HPARD community center

Neighborhood community centers often serve as rallying points for neighborhoods. They are the locations where residents play at the parks, hold family events or conduct meetings related to improving and maintaining their neighborhoods. Houston resident Vickie Shorter shared her experience regarding the summer enrichment program at the Beverly Hills Community Center and Houston Parks and Recreation Department workers, James Rocha and Karmalette Rice. This is what she wrote: 

Hello, my name is Vickie Shorter.  When I was informed that the supervisor would be out, I was skeptical about the quality of experiences for our Summer  Enrichment Program. However,  Ms.  Rice assured us that the youth at Beverly Hills Community Center would have a great Summer Enrichment Program.  It did not disappoint.  Ms. Rice worked with great enthusiasm planning activities and field trips.  Always with a smile. The staff, James Rocha and Karmelettete Rice, went above and beyond for the youth. I'd like to express my appreciation for both.  The staff explained that Ms. Rice purchased some of the items for the program. My daughter especially loves the water slide. That is to be commended. I understand that Ms.  Rice is a regional manager and is responsible for several parks. The staff and youth speak very highly of her. Thank you, Ms. Rice, for caring for the community, loyalty, and investing in our youth.   The youth at Beverly Hills Community Center have a first-class Summer Enrichment Program.    

Mayor Turner, I encourage you to take a take a listen to some of Ms.  Rice's ideas for the community.   As an educator, I was impressed with her ideas for community involvement and development.  

Mayor Turner, please pass my sentiments to Ms. Rice and James Rocha. 


Vickie Shorter 

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