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City of Houston employees display ‘random acts of kindness' when helping with car trouble

In today’s world, “random acts of kindness” from anyone seems to be far and few between. Mayor’s receptionist, Vanessa Graham-Morgan had an experience she wanted to share that happened back in June. This is what she wrote: 

There are times in our lives where the unexpected happens.  Well, this past Friday, June 9, 2023, evening was one of those times for me.   

Looking forward to the weekend, I was excited to see 5 p.m. As I left the office in great spirits, I rushed to my vehicle parked in the COH Annex garage. I frantically got into my vehicle and to my surprise it wouldn’t start.  I attempted to start it repeatedly to no avail. Suddenly, I noticed two individuals, (male and female), walking towards my vehicle. I didn’t know either of the individuals. The gentleman asked if he could assist me. He told me that it appeared that my battery was inoperable. He instructed me to open my hood.  Well, shamefully, I couldn’t locate the hood release. The female mentioned that she was familiar with my vehicle and stated that there was a battery located in the trunk.  “BINGO!” There definitely was a battery located in the trunk. I didn’t have cables to utilize to jump the battery.   

Therefore, the gentleman kindly said, ‘he would try to find cables to give me a jump.’  It was at that time, Susan Christian, Director of Mayor’s Office of Special Events, drove up to my vehicle, as she realized something was wrong.  I told her that I needed cables to jumpstart my battery.  She swiftly got out her vehicle and handed some heavy -duty cables.  I told her that she was heaven sent and well prepared.  She chuckled, and said, “what kind of Special Events Director would I be without being prepared and having cables!”  Almost simultaneously, two other individuals walked towards us, (male and female), as they noticed their colleagues at my vehicle.  As the gentleman took the cables to connect between Susan’s and my vehicle, it still wouldn’t start. It was then when the other lady, who had just arrived and was familiar with my vehicle, informed me that I had two batteries in my vehicle and suggested to utilize the battery located under the hood.  I had to confess to her that I couldn’t find the hood release.  It turns out that she knew exactly where it was located, as she mentioned, that she was the owner of the same make of vehicle. Needless, to say, once the cables connected to the front battery, my vehicle started right away.  A sigh of relief for all of us!   

Although, it was approximately 45 minutes later, from me starting my weekend, when this mishap occurred, everything was simply in Divine Order.  Not only did I get an opportunity to experience being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness, but I also met some outstanding COH employees who went above and beyond to help me out! Their names are Trena Jenkins, Reginald Nealy, LaShandra Lawson and Brian Dennis.  All of them are from HITS. And I’ve known Susan Christian for quite a while. She’s the “Greatest Special Event Director” ever and truly exhibits daily the meaning of TEAMWORK.   

This was most definitely teamwork and I appreciate each of them for taking time to assist me.  They could’ve been anywhere at the end of the workday, especially on a Friday evening. But they chose to BE KIND TO ME! I commend them all. Thank you so much for y’all’s kindness! 


Vanessa Graham-Morgan 
Mayor’s Receptionist 

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