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Widow of former famed Houston heart surgeon sheds light on Streetlight issue and other issues on Cherokee Street

When you’re the widow of one of Houston’s most iconic doctors, people will tend to stop and listen.

Katrin F. DeBakey, a former German actress and widow of the late Houston Methodist heart surgeon Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, write to the mayor’s office seeking to address some concerns affecting her street. Here is what she wrote:

Dear Mayor Turner:

I am writing you today to thank you for the successful help in getting the streetlight functioning on Cherokee Street, as well as installing my water meter, repairing the pothole in the street, and correcting my water bill.  

Your continuing help with the water department would be appreciated. The easement between sidewalk and street has never been properly repaired after their digging – the area needs to be filled with dirt or pebbles to smooth it over, then topped with smooth cement to match the area right beside it. See photos attached.

I would also kindly request that your office intervene with Centerpoint Electric on another issue of concern regarding the electric meter and its housing. The meter intermittently says “error” and then flashes numbers, then zeros. This meter may not be reading accurately; and the failure of Centerpoint to remove their old meters and boxes has left a large, unsightly and possibly dangerous mess in my backyard. Please ask them to make repair to their current meter and to remove their old equipment to ensure I am being billed accurately and the area in my backyard is not dangerous. See photos attached.

Thank you again for facilitating this work. It has been impossible for me to deal directly with the utility companies/departments and your attention to these situations is much appreciated.

Very best regards,

Katrin F. DeBakey

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