Friday, 24 February 2023 12:58

Houston resident’s determination pays off for her community

Sue English was not about to let the overgrown lots in her Kennedy Heights subdivision in Sunnyside become a health and safety concern. 

She made numerous calls to the Solid Waste Department and had a ticket number opened on the matter. It took approximately 45 days for the issue to be resolved, but the lots were finally taken care of. Here is what she wrote to the mayor’s office:

Thanks to all city officials who contributed to the effort of getting the three vacant lots I have been requesting to have cut in the Kennedy Heights Sub-division

The first two lots: 

11815  Roandale. Lot cut

11819. Roandale. Lot cut 

Were cut about three weeks prior to the lot @ 11811 Roandale. 

Two young contractor from FAS Industries showed up a week and a half ago and finished the request. 

Excellent Job!

Mayor Turner and City Officials, this makes me and all the other residents in the Kennedy Heights Sub-division very pleased.  Now our senior citizens in that block can sit out in their back or front yard and feel a little safer.

Sue English

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