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Former COH chief of staff highlights work of long-time city employee

As a former City of Houston chief of staff, Dionne Roberts-Emegha is in a unique position when it comes to the inner workings of public service in city government. She sent this letter of appreciation to the mayor’s office regarding one long time city employee.

Dear Mayor Turner,

It's been approximately 20 years since my stint as Chief of Staff at City Hall, but I wanted to highlight one of your long-standing employees, Mohdudal Huq, who has been with the City of Houston since 1984. Recently, I had a planning question and needed to figure out who to contact after so much time. 

I placed a called to Huq and was reminded of his invaluable knowledge, professionalism, and expertise. He assisted me the same way he did so many years ago. His kindness, knowledge, and patience are something you can't teach, and it is truly appreciated.

Huq is a quiet worker who delights in doing a great job. He has never been the squeaky wheel or a person pushing for accolades. But why I'm writing today is to ask that he be considered for a career acknowledgment, whether it's a raise, an award, or an appointment. After serving for more than 38 years in project management and long-range planning, Huq is genuinely deserving.

Dionne Roberts-Emegha, Houston

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