Thursday, 23 February 2023 12:54

Houston couple praises HPD officers

A Houston couple had this to say about their most recent interaction with two Houston Police officers:

Hey there Mayor Turner, 

This Is Art Smith and My Wife Koffey. We Have a positive feedback experience from Officer Woodley and new Officer Pena. They Just left our house here In Fifth Ward, Texas.

The Houston Police Department were asked to come and assist with the multiple trespassers via USIC trying to trespass many times. After Koffey called 9-1-1, they showed up (5315 Sonora St. Houston Texas 77020)! They know the law and are very competent about rules, regulations, policy and procedures!

They were very understanding, professional!

I wish I knew their supervisor to let all who trained them to keep up the great awesome training! I am going to seek contacting our chief of police also. 

Art Smith, Houston

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