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BARC volunteer praises animal enforcement officer

Danna Fullen saw a need in her northside neighborhood and decided and decided to get involved. Her time at BARC has given her an insight into what it means to work in animal control, as she shares in this letter:

Mayor Turner, 

I live on the Northside in a neighborhood close to BARC. I moved here 3+ years ago and was astounded by the number of animals roaming the area. I started volunteering with different rescue groups as well as volunteering at BARC.

Consequently, I have been involved with getting many dogs picked up and off the streets. I would like to single out Animal Enforcement Officer William Compte. He has shown compassion for these animals and their dire situations. His caring attitude and commitment to helping them goes above and beyond. Their work is physically and emotionally tough and it takes a special person to handle those situations…Billy is one of those special people!

My next part is the business side of things…BARC is woefully understaffed and definitely under budgeted. A city/county that encompasses the shear land mass we have needs a bigger budget. The folks at BARC are asked to move mountains with a shovel…the need a CAT 950 to make a dent! Let’s get the good folks that are in the trenches daily the resources they need.


Danna Fullen

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