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Resident praises HPW supervisor to assist neighbor

Dan Warden wanted to make sure the City of Houston knew how much he appreciated the efforts of Houston Public Works Supervisor Roland Harris. This is what he wrote:

Mayor Turner: 

I would like to inform you of a city employee who has gone beyond the call of duty to resolve a wastewater issue in our neighborhood; specifically associated with my house at 4507 Gibson St, 77007 in Magnolia Grove and our neighbors eastward to Patterson Street.

I included background, but I would like to recommend to you to recognize Mr. Roland Harris for the effort he has done.

What is special is how Mr. Harris took it upon himself to unravel the mystery of our sewage issues. He worked with me over days to deeply understand the issues, cause the conduct of tests, analyze the results of those tests to figure out the root cause. 

Finding the root cause was key, not just limiting himself to handling the symptom. Our issue was a recurring issue but over years and thus it was always easy for previous employees to “kick the can” down the road.

Mr. Harris was extremely courteous, called to discuss next steps numerous times, checked with me to confirm certain groups showed up as intended (e.g., camera crew, blockage clean out crew, temporary pump around crew etc.).

He engaged in problem solving, and in the end, we found the problem and root cause; no pun intended but it was extensive root penetration in a very old concrete pipe. 

I will chase down how a builder was allowed to connect new construction in 2009 into a concrete pipe that was installed  in the 1940’s as a separate issue. 

I want to also note that every person on every crew was also very courteous, but they were there to perform a single function and get on with the next item on their list. That is understandable, but it leaves a gap for situations that require thinking, tenacity and willingness to get to the root cause. If not already in the wastewater organization, it seems to need a few people that can stand back to fully understand and analyze a situation for the long-term solution.

Whatever you can do to recognize his special efforts would be much appreciated. He deserves it.


Dan Warden

p.s.: Please share this with your wastewater department so they will replace the section of pipe that has failed (about 40 feet)

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