Thursday, 20 October 2022 10:10

Kurt Otten: 'I can relate'

Sometimes the best method to understanding and appreciating leadership challenges is to walk in their shoes. Kurt Otten, mayor of the city of Clear Lake Shores, decided to write about his shared appreciation when it came to handling a problem. Here’s what he wrote”

Mayor Turner, 

I know you're very busy and hopefully this makes it to you. I wanted to compliment you and the city staff on a job well done. Yesterday I submitted a 311 ticket (below) to repair a traffic signal and it was completed in just one day. As the mayor for the city of Clear Lake Shores, I completely understand where you constantly get attacked with the negatives and wanted to show you that there is appreciation out there on the positive impacts you are having on Houston and our surrounding communities.

Thank you for everything you and your city staff do.

Best Regards,

Kurt Otten, 
Mayor, City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas

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