Thursday, 20 October 2022 10:09

Animal control group gets thanks

Stray dogs running rampant through the neighborhood is always considered a hazard. But this Houston resident recently praised from BARC for taking care of the problem in her community. Here’s what Beverly S. of Houston wrote:

Good morning, 

From June 2022, until a couple of weeks ago, our neighborhood was plagued with stray dogs. At first there were two, then three, six, sometimes more.

Because of the great work and follow-up by the three animal control officers: Aspen Bocanergra, Elized Espinosa and Jennifer Toms, everyone at this time is free to walk, ride bikes, children can play in our nice park; and we feel safe. It's unfortunate someone's smaller pet was killed!

I don't have an email address for animal control. However, we thank everyone who helped to get his serious issue resolved.

In His Grace,

Beverly S.

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