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Billman gets the job done


Kerryann Billman is an assistant chief inspector with Houston Public Works and was recently recognized for her hard work by Samuel Boutman of Houston. Here’s what he had to say.

Good morning Mr. Childress, 

I wanted to personally reach out to thank Ms. Billman and your department for showing our community that the city does care and willing to help us when needed.

We greatly appreciate everything code enforcement has done in our community to make it a better place for us. At the end of the day, we all leave work then come home to different communities we call home. Your department has help keep our homes a beautiful place!

I know everyone there works very hard and tasked daily with many goals. That is why I wanted to say Ms. Billman has not only stayed on task to ensure results were made, but she did it with grace!! Ms. Billman is by far the most professional code enforcement officer I have spoken with. I not only enjoyed receiving her calls but also was reassured things would be handled without her even saying it. That is a great employee.

As a business owner I appreciate a dedicated hard-working employee. You can simply see this by the first conversation we had. I knew there would be a great outcome even though the situation was by far the worst ones I’ve seen.

Ms. Billman has earned her title and that shows your leadership is on point with leading your department to be the best it can be. I would be grateful to have an employee as her.

That said, I wanted to give Ms. Billman VERY BIG KUDOS from myself and several neighbors on our street.



Samuel Boutwell

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