Tuesday, 27 September 2022 16:07

Empathy goes a long way for this Houston resident

Oftentimes, it’s the simple act of empathy that residents seek. Not just making a call to voice frustration or asking questions, but also knowing that your City of Houston workers see you, hear you and are empathetic to your needs.

This was the case involving Denise Benson, an inspector for Houston Public Works. Joe English wrote this letter to the city:

I would like to call your attention to the efforts of Denise Benson, an inspector with Houston Public Works.

Ms. Benson has worked tirelessly and diligently to serve the needs of the residents in the city of Houston. She has been a resource and a facilitator to many residents, me included. 

In addition to her many job duties in her role as inspector, she explains, explores and expresses empathy for those who have issues with the COH services. 

She has been one of the most responsible and professional COH employees that I have ever encountered.  

She has been an absolute godsend. As such, she should be recognized as both a trailblazer and a role model.

Thank you,

Joe English 


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