Tuesday, 21 June 2022 12:21

Houston resident’s phone call results in cleared ditch

There’s something gratifying about being heard. In a city this size, it can feel overwhelming. A Houston resident recently had an opportunity to use his voice to make a difference in his neighborhood. J. Matthew Dionne wrote this the Mayor’s Office to explain:

Dear Mr. Mayor,

Please accept this letter of appreciation from my wife and me for the superior service we received from Mr. Larry Keys (supervisor for Houston Ditch Maintenance) and his crew. We live in west Houston in Fleetwood, near Highway on Memorial Drive.

A ditch in the 16000 block of Memorial Drive and Addicks-Howell Road, and the ditch “on” Addicks-Howell Road running north from Memorial Drive were grossly overgrown, which presented a health hazard and prevented draining. The weeds reached over six feet in height, and the undergrowth four to five feet. An absolute eyesore badly reflecting on the city.

I spoke with Mr. Keys on Tuesday, June 7, requesting the ditches be mowed and cleared. On Wednesday, June 8, a tractor was in place cutting. Remarkable! There is still weed eating to do along the concrete blocks abutting Memorial and Addick-Howell. He assured me the work will be done this week. I sincerely hope these ditches will not be neglected for an extended period in the future.

Again, my thanks to Mr. Keys and crew for their quick response.

Yours respectfully,
J. Matthew Dionne

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