Wednesday, 13 April 2022 13:55

HPW leader makes sure detention pond is cleared

Mowing the detention pond in the 6400-6700 blocks of Northline Street is great, but for Janie Garza it wasn’t enough.

“They mowed around the pond, but the pond itself needs to be cleared,” she wrote to the Mayor’s Office. “It's a massive jungle and a mosquito pit — along with having rat infestation and even some snakes. This pond serves no purpose to our community. It has been a problem since it was created.  We NEED HELP to fix this problem.”

Houston Public Works was up to the task, with HPW assistant supervisor Eugene Howard taking a lead role. When HPW finished with the detention pond project, Garza was so impressed she wrote a letter of appreciation. This is what she had to say:

I would like to send out a very special thank-you to Eugene Howard, field supervisor of T&D Operations.

Eugene has taken it upon himself to ensure a concern was carried out to the finish. I first came into communication with Eugene Howard in July 2021. After coming out to see my concern in person, he kept in touch until in January 2022 his team was out to take care of a very bad situation for this area.

After several weeks of hard work and dedication this team has taken care of the issue 100%. I want to nominate Mr. Eugene Howard for Employee of the Year! He has earned just with this one project alone — which I am sure there are hundreds more in this large city.

I am just hoping someone will follow up closely with the continued maintenance on this pond, so it NEVER turns into the disaster it has been for several years.

Eugene Howard, tipping my hat off to you for your hard work and dedication to this great City of Houston, to make it a better city every day for us all one project at a time.

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