Thursday, 24 March 2022 09:37

Resident lists employees who provided outstanding services

Houston resident Maria Otero was so impressed by city services provided that she wrote to the Mayor’s Office to spotlight specific employees and departments for their excellent work and express how much it meant to her and her neighbors.

This is what she wrote to Mayor Turner:

“On behalf of my local neighbors and myself (who are made up of veterans and citizens), we would like to thank you for excellent service provided to us by the listed departments.

“They did a phenomenal job and truly care about all the citizens. Their attention to detail and each citizens safety is remarkable. It is because of the pride they take in their work that has allowed for my neighbors to safely tend to their yards.”

Then she listed the following employees:

  1. Jarrad Mears, Eleazar Perez, Shawn Walker and Matt Schulze (affiliated with BARC animal shelter and adoption).
  2. The department that completes the ticket for illegal dumping and other city call tickets items.
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