Monday, 17 January 2022 11:36

Occupancy inspector makes a difference for Houston business

A general manager of a Houston furniture store had this to say about a positive encounter with City of Houston inspectors:

Honorable Mayor Turner,

I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you for having great officers like Occupancy Inspector Maribel Imamovic of the Houston Permitting Center. Unintended consequences of bureaucracy may sometimes impact businesses as well as people’s lives in an unintended way. In the face of such rare cases, true professionalism, ability to think out of the box, and good faith have come into play, which we have recently observed with Ms. Maribel in close proximity.

She has gone beyond and above to show that our city officials are there to help us. She absolutely is an excellent example of professionalism and the kind face of the government. It is great to know that we have officers in our beautiful city of Houston like her.

I wholeheartedly thank you again for having such wonderful people in your team to make Houston an even more livable and loveable place!


Sincerely yours,

Aaron I. Demir, Ph.D.

Luna Furniture

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