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Local resident applauds HPD radar squad

As Houston continues to grow, formerly quiet thoroughfares through neighborhoods are becoming more congested with traffic. Longtime Houston resident Henry de La Garza recently wrote this letter to Mayor Sylvester Turner to heap praise on the Houston Police Department’s radar squad of the Traffic Enforcement Division.

Dear Mayor Turner,

I am writing to call attention to the Houston Police Department’s Radar Squad with the Traffic Enforcement Division. Radar officers conducted radar stops in September and October along the 200 block of Chimney Rock Road. My neighbors and I are very appreciative of Sergeants Ray A. Gonzales and Pete Casares for their attention to our continuing requests for random radar stops which have been conducted. Speeding continues to pose a serious risk to the safety of families residing in our stretch of Chimney Rock Road, which has become a major thoroughfare. The Radar Squad has caused some motorists to at least think twice before exceeding the speed limit through our neighborhood and paying the price.

Officer Ted Callahan #97Z56                                  Senior Officer Tuan Le #97Z51

Sergeant Pete Caseres #97Z03                             Officer Clement McClean #97Z31

Senior Officer Matt Davis #97Z55                           Officer Aaron Richberg #97Z35

Officer Andrew Egras #97Z30                                 Officer Marco Rodriguez #97Z50

Officer Edgar Gonzalez #97Z53                              Senior Officer Joe Sanchez #97Z57

Sergeant Ray Gonzales #97Z02                             Officer Dudley Sanders #97Z39

Officer Andrew Hashimi #97Z58                              Officer Lauren White #97Z38

Officer Charles Hightower #97Z32

My neighbors and I want to express our appreciation for these fine police officers and the Houston Police Department under your leadership. Enough cannot be said to express our appreciation for the outstanding efforts on behalf of the Traffic Enforcement Division.

Sincerely yours,

Henry de La Garza



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