Tuesday, 16 November 2021 16:48

Officer Hussain makes an impact in his community

Representation is always important in any community you serve. Zahoor Gire, executive director of Al-Noor Society of Greater Houston, understands this and recently wrote to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner to share his experiences with one of his officers. He wrote:

Dear Chief,

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for your department’s work to protect and serve our great city and the community. I thank you for promoting diversity and inclusivity of all communities who call Houston home. Officer Danish Hussain is representing your department very well and has been a great resource for our organization.

Officer Hussain has responded quickly, efficiently and with a great attitude every time we have needed police assistance for all matters from trespassing to threats to the members who come to pray at our mosque. Hussain assisted us when we had a Ramadan Iftar food drive in collaboration with Councilmember Edward Pollard, Harris County Attorney Christian Manafee, Judge Israel Garcia and others. 

He also showed exemplary work going above and beyond during COVID-19 relief food drives in collaboration with Councilmember Edward Pollard and Tiffany Thomas. Officer Hussain serves and protects the community during prayer services whenever it is called for. He proudly and selflessly represents the HPD in our great city.

Again, thanks to you and your department for promoting and giving opportunities to qualified minority officers to serve within your department. I pray for everyone in your department to stay safe and healthy as they protect the people of Houston.


Zahoor Gire, Executive Director & Trustee,
Al-Noor Society of Greater Houston

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