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Wednesday, 27 October 2021 14:32

Resident gets a charge out of COH experts’ help with solar panels

The range of experts with the City of Houston never ceases to impress residents. Just ask Michol O’Connor, who lives near the Museum District.

O’Connor was frustrated that solar panels on his Milford Street residence had stopped functioning. He first tried to determine a cause and solution from the company that installed them, only to learn that it had closed its Houston office. Similarly, calls to his electricity provider and another local utility were fruitless.

Then O’Connor called the City of Houston. He was referred to Steve Stelzer, a senior staff analyst with HPW in the Houston Permitting Center.

“When I called the City, somehow I was connected to Steve Stelzer, who I later found out is the director of Code Enforcement Green Building Resource Center,” O’Connor wrote. “I discussed the problem with Mr. Stelzer and asked if he knew someone who would come to my house and figure out why my solar panels were not generating power. He did. … Less than six hours later, an engineer who specializes in solar panels was at my house. Twenty minutes after he arrived I had the answer and an action plan.

“Without Mr. Stelzer’s help I would still be looking for answers,” O’Connor wrote.

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