Wednesday, 27 October 2021 14:31

Care and compassion on the other end of the telephone line goes a long way for Lilienthal

There was a reason back in the day that parents stressed phone etiquette. And it appears that Jason Lilienthal of the Planning and Development Department learned this very well.

Houston resident Veronica F. Jacobs, who lives in the Glenbrook Valley subdivision near Hobby Airport, appreciated and took note of Lilienthal’s professionalism when she called for advice about a residential Certificate of Appropriateness.

“I would like to commend Jason Lilienthal for the assistance he provided me,” Jacobs wrote in a letter to the Planning Department. “There is no way I could have submitted a Certificate of Appropriateness without Mr. Lilienthal's assistance. From the moment he answered the telephone he was professional, patient and compassionate. I am 72 years old, and I am not computer savvy. Mr. Lilienthal patiently helped me through the process. He was even able to undo many of my errors.

“I want so much for my home to be an example of well-preserved homes in Glenbrook Valley,” she continued. “Mr. Lilienthal is making that possible through his work as a preservation planner at the Houston Office of Preservation Planning and Development Department.

“My heartfelt thanks and praise for the kind and compassionate assistance I received from Mr. Lilienthal. It is clear that he is a stellar representative of the City of Houston.”


Veronica F. Jacobs

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