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Discrict E residents appreciate Department of Neighborhoods’ action after house fire

A primary focus of the Department of Neighborhoods is to improve the quality of life for Houstonians. One resident of the Bay Glen subdivision in Clear Lace City in District E wrote to the Mayor’s Office to compliment DON for taking action in the case of a property damaged by fire that was affecting the neighborhood.

Dean Eppler wrote to thank DON for the work it did concerning a house next to his that burned almost a year and a half ago.

“Since the night of the fire, I have been working to have the house demolished and removed, and I'm happy to say that as of last week, that has been accomplished by the City of Houston,” Eppler wrote. “This was a significant accomplishment considering this is a property whose ownership has been in dispute for some time. The fact is that the city could have chosen to turn a blind eye to this problem and let the courts settle the dispute, but it didn't, and it greatly improved our neighborhood by its actions.

“Several people had a hand in this decision, and I would like to draw your attention to their work. First is Inspector Royce Brooks of the Department of Neighborhoods. Inspector Royce was on the scene less than a week after the fire, and he worked tirelessly to get the building condemned and then torn down. Inspector Royce is my hero, and without him, it's not clear this building would have ever been torn down.

“There are two other people I would like to recognize. The first is Mr. Mark Mitchell, who works in the office of City Councilman Dave Martin. Mr. Mitchell acted as an effective liaison between my councilman's office and the Department of Neighborhoods, keeping me informed of events that I needed to take notice of and generally keeping me advised about what was happening. The second is Ms. Clarissa Perez, who worked in Councilman Martin's office until late last year but has since moved on. Ms. Perez was the first person in Councilman Martin's office to take an interest in this problem, including visiting the property late last summer to see the state it was in. Both Ms. Perez and Mr. Mitchell are also my heroes, and I commend their actions.”

Eppler wrote that he and other residents appreciate the tireless efforts of Mitchell, Perez and Brooks and wanted to acknowledge how much of a difference they made for the neighborhood.

“Each of them came to the assistance of this neighborhood, and they all deserve the City's praise and thanks for their efforts,” he wrote. “They reflect great credit on all City of Houston employees. I greatly appreciate everything the City has done for our neighborhood in this matter.”

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