Thursday, 16 September 2021 09:55

HPW’s lightning-quick response impresses Houston resident

When Houston resident Rose Sprott Swain called 311 to report a water leak near her residence in the vicinity of Macgregor and Bowling Green, she expected the information to be forwarded to Houston Public Works. But HPW exceeded her expectations.

Swain wrote to the Mayor’s Office to compliment the speed and professionalism of the full range of city services connected to her report — from the 311 personnel to HPW’s rapid response.

Less than an hour after her initial call, HPW Field Supervisor Gary Hickman contacted her. Further, Hickman and HPW personnel were at the site to determine the cause. They found the leak and soon after that Swain received an email that the ticket had been closed.

“I had to write this email commending not only the city, but especially Mr. Hickman for his RAPID response, personal phone call, and patience to explain the problem to me,” Swain wrote.

She closed by commending Hickman for “his work ethic and professionalism,” adding that his “his response time was absolutely amazing.”

“As a former government employee, I know that we oftentimes get a bad rap, but the city’s response time with these 311 calls is absolutely amazing. Hats off to the 311 operator too,” Swain wrote.

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