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HPW workers praised for fixing resident’s water leak issues

Having running water is a crucial function to have in Houston, especially during the hot summer months.  A crew from Houston Public Works helped ensure a resident would not be without when she began having trouble with her home’s water pressure. Sheryl Jones Tyler shared this letter:

Dear Mayor Turner and Water Department Management Team, 

I am pleased to write this letter to commend the magnificent crew recently sent to my house. I will try to keep this brief as I explain how I was wowed by these guys. To begin, our water pressure started being low early in the day a couple of Fridays ago, and we figured it had something to do with the house being rebuilt across the street. We’d decided maybe the water service over there was getting started and therefore affecting our entire block. As hours passed, my sister eventually decided to ring 311, to get to the COH water department and receive information. She was told there was not an issue in the area and a report should be made and someone would be sent out. By now, the pressure was even lower, barely a trickle. A lady, who we later found out was the inspector came relatively quickly, determined it was a leak on the city’s side of the meter. She said a repair crew would be sent to make the fix. 

The repair crew did come to our rescue, maybe a couple of hours later. This was already good service, as I was worried that we’d be without water all weekend and maybe not see a repairman until Monday. So, when they arrived, I was optimistic that we’d soon have normal water service. When they started assessing the problem, the crew realized the leak was on our (customer) side. Needless to say, I was very frustrated and disappointed. I knew it was not the fault of this crew and I could tell they were being honest and as helpful as could be, considering. 

My entire work life has been in customer service, so I recognize, appreciate, applaud, congratulate... and could go on and on with accolades and gratefulness when I receive this type of care. In some way or another, each of them went over and beyond, therefore exceeding expectations for providing impeccable customer service. They told me what seemed to have happened and were patient, professional and kind. I have shared this story with family and friends, and believe it only befitting that you know as well—there are City of Houston workers doing their jobs well and with pride. I always thank police officers and firemen when I see them at a store, restaurant, church or just out and about in uniform. I believe they are providing a service to the community. I suppose I never really thought about it, but these guys are just as important to our daily livelihoods, as water is vital to life. I am eternally grateful they were sent to serve at our house. 

Because I was SO impressed, I insisted they provide their names/badge numbers so I could make sure they receive proper recognition… and I must suggest—raises and promotions. Their modesty made them believe it was not necessary to commend them. They truly showed that they are being trained well and using the skills they’ve learned to help the residents of Houston. A job well done indeed. 

I was able to get the problem repaired quickly and all is well. In closing, with all of the trials and tribulations with which we are going through in our communities and country, it’s nice to be treated well and I’m praying it will be nice for you to read this letter, and these men to be thanked by you in some way and commended.

They are—

  • Kendryc Dauss 
  • David Harris 
  • Manuel Witine 
  • Ricardo Aguilar 
  • Christopher Welch II 

Mayor Turner and entire Management Team for this department, my best to each of you. Have a wonderful day. Please stay safe, healthy and happy.

Very Sincerely,

Sheryl Jones Tyler

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