Wednesday, 25 August 2021 11:00

HPD Officers keeps track of speeding in Garden Oaks

Martha Gomez is president of the Garden Oaks Non-Profit Society, and she recently wrote the city to praise the efforts of Houston Police Officer Rajesh Sawlani, who is to her community. Here is her email:

I am writing on behalf of the Garden Oaks subdivision.  I would like to submit a commendation request for speedy officer Sawlani 9725. 

Since 2018 we have been unsuccessful in petitioning the city council for speed humps. Officer Sawlani recognized the problem of speeding vehicles through our community and solved it despite not receiving help from city council. Our members have given positive feedback after watching officer Sawlani work tirelessly on the the hottest days to stop and ticket countless cars for speeding. Officer Sawlani has instilled a sense of fear into cars that think about wildly driving or speeding through our community. 

I only wish that there were more officers like officer Sawlani. I feel that it is necessary to commend outstanding problem solving in our community. I will be contacting our partners with the local news to brief them of officer Sawlani’s actions and the ways in which he helped make our community safer for our children. 

Our members will continue to send their positive thoughts as we reach out to the mayor’s office and city council. 

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