Wednesday, 25 August 2021 10:59

Retired employee compliments HR Benefits for resolving insurance problem

Retired COH employee Michael Murnane recently corresponded with the Mayor’s Office to thank and compliment excellent customer service he and his wife received from the Human Resources Benefits division.

Mr. Murnane’s wife experienced an issue with dental insurance being denied by her dentist’s office on the morning of an appointment. She first contacted the insurer but could not resolve the issue and confirm their dental policy.

That’s when they called HR.

“I contacted the city of Houston Human Resources office and I explained the problem that I was having with my dental insurance policy,” Murnane wrote. “Ms. Parker was very concerned with my problem and explained that she would contact CIGNA and determine what the problem was. Ms. Parker put me on hold and when she returned to the line, she informed me that the problem was resolved. Ms. Parker then gave me the name and number of a CIGNA employee who could verify my insurance coverage. Ms. Parker also gave me her direct line so that I could contact her direct if there were any other problems with my insurance coverage.

“During my conversation with Ms. Parker, she was polite, very professional, and kept me informed as to what she was doing to resolve my problem. In conclusion, I would like to commend Ms. Parker for a job well done.”

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