Thursday, 01 July 2021 11:04

BARC employees get the “Paws” up from this volunteer

We received this letter from Michelle R., who volunteers with BARC Animal Shelters and Adoptions, about the countless hours its employees put in to provide shelter, safety and eventually good homes for area pets.

Mayor Turner,

All too often, we only hear the awful ugly side of any story or organization. I, for one, hate that we can't see the incredibly good done every day in this city.

I want to personally recognize BARC and its outstanding staff. I began fostering tiny babies in the kitten nursery and I have seen how its operations tend to go over the course of a few months. The first thing I notice is the staff and their unending help in trying to keep these babies alive. I am aware of the need to not save all babies as any number of these have serious issues, but they do try as much as possible with the limited options they have.

I also volunteer with the TNR program. Personally, I feel this program should be front and center with public service announcements about the incredibly POSITIVE and uplifting service this provides. I sincerely thank the city of Houston for even having so many services available for residents of this huge city. HINT HINT...a budget increase for BARC is well deserved, truly!!!

Please recognize the individuals I most work within this organization. Kimberly Albert, Erica Perez and Eleazar Perez. And all the security staff who help people constantly, as well as the vets and techs that work in the intake and surgery areas.

I have seen for myself so many small places in counties all over the U.S. where nearly no help or programs to help the community with animals in any way barely exists, and for anyone who cares at all, they would readily recognize that BARC is a VERY, VERY good thing for this city and should be supported as much as possible, from local and state government, the business community and most of all, the citizens of this seriously neat city.

    BARC ROCKS!!!!

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