Tuesday, 29 June 2021 17:08

Spring Branch East resident lauds planner for top-notch customer service

Spring Branch East resident Morton Kahn has been in frequent contact with the COH Planning and Development Department recently, but he was so impressed with customer service provided by City Planner Lyndy Morris that he communicated his experience with the Mayor’s Office. Kahn.

“I have recently had the need to make multiple contacts to various staff at the COH Planning and Development Commission over the last month,” Kahn wrote. “Lyndy treated me and other residents on our block with a calm ultra-professional demeanor.  . . .  Lyndy, in my opinion, is the model of what all COH employees should exhibit when speaking to a citizen of Houston.

“I cannot say enough about her (Morris’) style and positive informative attitude; spending the right amount of time to offer information even though she is likely very busy in her current role,” Kahn continued.

Kahn wrote that Morris’ customer service could not only serve as a model for others but suggested that P&D should “consider her for promotion!”

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