Thursday, 25 February 2021 14:29

Houston Health’s COVID-19 Hotline handles high call volume

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The COVID-19 Hotline has been a team that manages high volume calls with extreme care. At the height of the pandemic they answered approximately 11K calls per day and during the recent Roll Out of COVID-19 Vaccination the Call Center received over 250K Calls in one day within less than 15 minutes of the Call Center opening.

Sahira J Abdool shared this email about them:

“The volume was so high it brought the entire COH Call Centers to shut down. Despite the shutdown, the team remained composed and a calm and worked over 14 hours straight to address the public taking over 30K calls and scheduling over 6K appointments on the same day.

The team is so committed that they willingly work 7 consecutive days a week and extended hours until 10:30pm to ensure the public is served and appointments are scheduled for both the COVID19 vaccination roll out and COVID19 testing. 

During the first two weeks of January, the Call Center scheduled over 38K appointments and taken over 65K Calls. On a daily basis the team members navigate over 4 various systems, maps and special data to provide accurate information in both Spanish, and English with great proficiency and expediency.

The team treats every caller as a client and individual. They continuously go above and beyond to make sure the client has a personal touch and a positive experience when calling.”

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