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Citizens group honors HPD’s Tracie Mathews-Segura

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Members of a 3rd Ward citizens organization have awarded their Officer of the Year Award to HPD South Central Officer Tracie Mathews-Segura.

Deb White, a member of the Houston Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association, wrote a letter of praise for Officer Mathews-Segura and her team’s work in the community. She also wrote that the community organization selected Mathews-Segura as Officer of the Year.

White is also a Class #57 lifetime member and 3rd Ward Proud Citizens On Patrol (SC071 Team Lead).

She wrote: “The leadership skills, organization skills and people skills that Officer Mathews-Segura possesses must be recognized.  . . .  Officer Mathews-Segura made it her mission to understand the pain points within the community in which she serves. She implemented comprehensive programs and projects that address police and the community’s relationship and established healthier communication between police and community.

image officer msegura“Leader, loyal, compassionate, creative, dedicated, respected, organized, amazing and awesome is how we describe Officer Mathews-Segura. She has gone beyond the call of duty in helping the communities she serves. She has organized and supported programs and projects that have made a major impact in our communities and Houston:

  1. Blue Santa, Write a Letter to Blue Santa;
  2. Women Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) System;
  3. 3rd Ward Proud Citizens On Patrol;
  4. Team-Up 2 Clean-Up 3rd Ward;
  5. Young Women Energized STEM Outreach Program;
  6. Police & Community Partnerships (Pet Food Deliveries & Drive-Through, Senior Citizens Food Home Delivery, Distribute RING Devices & Smoke Detectors to Senior Citizens, etc.);
  7. Illegal Trash Dumping, etc.

“These are just a few programs and projects that we have identified, but her work goes well beyond the projects listed above.

“COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, loss of jobs and mental distress has negatively impacted our community like never before. It was Officer Mathews-Segura programs throughout the year that lifted our spirits and let us know that we will get through these difficult times together. She had monthly community activities just to let us know that she and HPD care. The Houston Police Department Blue Santa program at South Central and Letter to Blue Santa program that Officer Mathews-Segura organized, touched the life of so many families! Officer Mathews-Segura made every family and child feel very special and her act of love and kindness will never be forgotten, for she has touched our hearts.

“Officer Mathews-Segura has made herself a part of the communities she serves. Through her programs and projects, she built the roadmap that truly builds policing and community relationship that addresses the difficult topics like race relations, fear of police, fear of community, violence, accountability and mistrust of community and police. Therefore, it is critical that our kids and community knows that the police are there to protect and serve them and it is our responsibility to report crime when we see or hear something to the police. We have seen a shift in the communities’ attitude towards police officers and with Officer Mathews-Segura help, we have members of the community looking at law enforcement as a possible career path (that’s powerful).

“Her commitment to the community and law enforcement is greatly appreciated and should not go unrecognized, and that is why the 3rd Ward Proud Citizens On Patrol has awarded Officer Mathews-Segura with the 3rd Ward Citizens HPD SC Officer of the Year Award.”

White wrote that the organization normally announces the honor at the annual HPD SC and Community Christmas Luncheon. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, the luncheon was cancelled — but the honor was nevertheless presented.

“We did not want to miss this opportunity to acknowledge the critical work Officer Mathews-Segura does in the community,” White wrote.

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