Friday, 20 November 2020 16:55

Historically appropriate street reconstruction pleases Granberry residents

Residents of Freeland Historic District of the Heights wrote to express their appreciation for how the city took into consideration the character of their neighborhood when reconstructing a stretch of Granberry Street.

The project along the 500-block of Granberry was years in the making, but the end result drew praise.

Resident Jean Taylor expressed her compliments in a letter shared with city employees and Mayor Turner’s office. She said it was a pleasure working with the COH team involved in the project to ensure it was consistent with the Historic District appearance. “We love our new street!” she wrote.

Taylor wrote on behalf of herself and neighbors on the 500 block of Granberry Street that they “wanted to thank those who worked with the residents for a mutually agreeable street reconstruction. 

Granberry Street’s petition for curbs and gutters was submitted in 2001, and although we knew there would be a wait, it was impossible to foresee that wait would be 19 years!

“We were fortunate in the selection of Conrad Construction as the company to do the actual work. The workers, led by Foreman George Veselka, went out of their way to inconvenience the residents as little as possible and were completely professional the entire time.”

Taylor made sure to thank the many people involved in this project. “Everyone’s help and consideration was greatly appreciated,” she wrote.

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