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Resident wowed by her experience with HPD

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A West Houston resident ventured downtown to Houston Police Department headquarters to pick up a police report. She came away impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of everyone she encountered.

Ms. M.C. Swearingen wrote her thanks for the experience to HPD Chief Art Acevedo.

“First, when I went to the downtown station to pick up a report this morning, I was greeted by nice folks, persons I might like for neighbors or friends. What a pleasant surprise!” she wrote.

“Second, the man at at the receiving desk was polite to me. He didn't act as though he was ordering me around I could relax and be normal.”

Even when she requested to speak with someone about a concern, that encounter impressed Ms. Swearingen.

“Sergeant Dominguez came to me and spent some time answering all my questions. You would have been so proud to see her in action: she listened intently and gave plain, straightforward answers without defensiveness. I appreciated both her brains and her heart,” Ms. Swearingen wrote.

She concluded: “I believe that the behaviors I observed this morning among HPD employees originate in having good people. But it's when they admire a chief with brains, brawn, and heart and strive to emulate his ways that they grow into a service worthy of our deeper respect.

Thank you for all the education, patience, skills, patience, and caring and patience you put into your work. It matters.”

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