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Resident appreciates how HPD responded to robbery involving her granddaughter

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Resident Martha Chaney wrote to Mayor Turner’s office in July to express her gratitude for how the Houston Police Department handled a robbery involving her granddaughter.

In her letter, Ms. Chaney complimented HPD’s Yaseen Haq for his action on the case.

“We were contacted by Detective Haq in referenced to our report. Detective Haq was very attentive to our concerns and the case,” Ms. Chaney wrote.

“Detective Haq stayed in contact letting us know that the case was being investigated.

Detective Haq's diligence restored my faith in our law enforcement and stored some very valuable life insights into my granddaughter.

Because of the poverty type neighborhood, of which; the robbery took place, we both thought that nothing would be done.

“It is so very good to know that we still have people like Detective Haq working with our law enforcement,” she continued. “And with such a valuable life experience, I felt compelled to let you know that I am very grateful.”

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