Tuesday, 14 July 2020 15:59

GSD ensures vintage furniture conforms to COVID safety

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General Services Department workers deftly made an addition to vintage furniture in the Mayor’s Office that provided a safety barrier for protection against the coronavirus while retaining the aesthetic and historic appearance of the desk.

And that effort did not go unnoticed. Vanessa Graham-Morgan of the Mayor’s Office staff wanted to compliment the GSD employees for their work.

“I wanted to commend GSD employees for the beautiful protective shield for the receptionist’s desk in the Mayor’s Office,” she wrote. 

“Mr. Williams Earles and other team members did a fantastic job with the addition to this desk.

The thought process from beginning to end with preserving the vintage desk was outstanding. All of the craftsmanship exhibited with this project from matching the wooden post to nearly exact color of the existing desk to strategic placement of the plexiglass was magnificent.

Although this project was meant for extra protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, this addition actually enhanced the beauty of this piece of furniture. 

Hats off to Mr. Earles and the other team members that created this piece of beauty for the Mayor’s Office.

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