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HPD Officers Jeanette and Juan Perales are invaluable to youth organization

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Robert Williams, sponsor of the Havard Intelligent Men's Club at James B. Havard Elementary, wrote a heartfelt letter to Mayor Turner, to show his appreciation for HPD Officer Jeanette and Juan Perales.

"It is with great inspiration that I submit this letter in gratitude for the continuous efforts of Officers Jeanette and Juan Perales of the Houston Police Department. For the last 2 years, these HPD Officers have afforded remarkable life changing experiences for the members of the Havard Intelligent Men's Club at James B Havard Elementary," he wrote.

"The Havard Intelligent Men's Club is a boy's club that recognizes and develops the leadership potential of elementary school aged young men. Officers Perales have planned, organized, funded, and volunteered various activities that have greatly enriched the lives of the young men in our organization. A large part of the success of the Havard intelligent Men's Club is predicated on their involvement. Offlcer Jeanette Perales organized our member induction ceremony. She and Officer Juan Perales provided donations of toiletries and other items for, and participated in, our annual distribution to elderly residents of a local assisted living facility. They organized a field trip to the Houston Zoo which included free tickets and an audience with one of the zoo rangers. Officer Jeanette Perales served on our Executive Committee to help guide and moved forward the purpose of our organization," he wrote.

"On last year Officers Perales were instrumental in providing an opportunity for our young men to visit Houston City Hall and to meet several city officials, culminating in a longer than expected audience with you. Your generosity of time, your willingness to answer questions and to take pictures with our young men, is a hallmark moment in our organization. We are eternally grateful to you for the opportunity," he wrote.

"This year Officers Perales invited Police Chief Art Acevedo to come visit with our young men at our campus. We are immensely grateful and were extremely excited to hear that Chief Acevedo accepted our invitation. Unfortunately, the current pandemic prevented the opportunity for him to be with us," he wrote.

"Your positive impact, as the Mayor of the great city of Houston is permeable. This is evident in the authentic community service of Chief Acevedo and officers Juan and Jeanette Perales. I pray that God will continue to give you all wisdom, bless you all with courage, and engulf you all with compassion as you continue your service to our great city," he wrote. 

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