Tuesday, 23 June 2020 16:46

Montrose resident appreciates thorough solid waste service

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Montrose area resident Holly Smith wrote to Mayor Sylvester Turner to compliment the time and care taken by a Solid Waste Management Department recycling truck operator on her neighborhood route. The employee's name and truck number were not reported. 

"Yesterday morning I was following a recycling truck on my way home observing how he picked up each green can with the truck's claws, dumped the contents into the truck and placed the can back down on the curb. This is not easy. Our street is fairly narrow and though we are told to place cans 3 feet apart, there really is no room to do that.

"When the claws tried to grab the next can, it tumped over spilling some of the contents. I saw the truck driver get out and pick up each piece of garbage with his gloved hands. Seeing the way he took his time to do this made me grateful to know he works in and for the City of Houston.

"It impressed me so much, I thought you should know. I don't know how many times a day he has to do this up and down the streets of Montrose on a Monday morning. Probably more than he should have to. We appreciate him so much. Please thank him for me.

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