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Recycling truck driver quickly extinguishes truck fire

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James Vick wrote to District C Council Member Abbie Kamin to compliment Dan Howard, a recycling truck driver and warn reisdents against disposing of combusitble materials. 

"On Tuesday evening, May 12th, a City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department reycling truck driven by Mr. Dan Howard picked up my green recycling bin. I happened to be in my front yard to retrieve the bin. Our exchange of greetings was interrupted when Dan and I both realized that thick smoke was emitting from the back of his truck.

"Within a minute, an acrid pall of thick smoke was growing in intensity. He quickly exited the cab of his truck and climbed to the back to inspect the situation, by which time flames were visible. He grabbed a fire extinguisher from his cab and I grabbed my garden hose. As a small crowd gathered, Dan began to pull burning debris out of the holding compartment to determine the extent of the fire.

"I am happy to report that within 10 minutes Dan had the fire extinguished. Clearly someone had tossed combustible material into a recycling bin that was still hot enough to ignite the contents of Dan’s truck. I wanted to let you know about Dan Howard and his very appreciated actions. We are fortunate to have many local heroes and Dan is right up there with the best of them," Vick wrote.

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