Thursday, 28 May 2020 09:10

SWMD driver goes extra mile even when no one is watching

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Gordon Center wrote to Solid Waste Management Department Director Harry Hayes to say he witnessed excellent customer service in action from Darrell Randolph, a senior side loader operator at the Southwest Service Center. Randolph has been a SWMD employee for five years.  

"Thank you for building a Department with such attention to service here in the City of Houston," Center wrote. 

"Our regular pickup up day for trash and recycling is Tuesday. This morning our trash can spilled as it was being lifted. I was sitting upstairs and saw it spill. I saw the truck stop, and watched as (Randolph) climbed down to pick everything up and reload the can, and then return to dumping the contents of our trash into his truck.

"(Randolph) didn't know that anyone was watching, and I am sure he has a busy and full day. He didn't know who the can belonged to, he just wanted to do the right thing, not the easy thing. If he had decided to leave the trash on the street, I probably wouldn't have noticed it until long after he was gone. 

"I appreciate that when no one is watching, the members of your Department are striving to do their best. I watched with amazement as Solid Waste worked to deal with the mountains of debris and trash after Hurricane Harvey, and one could understand that after living and working through those grueling weeks, employees might want to rest on their laurels, but not the men and women of your Department. 

"Thank you to (Randolph). He was my only direct point of contact with the City of Houston this week, and his actions, effort, and kind heart made me a very satisfied taxpayer and citizen of this city," Center wrote. 

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