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BARC makes house call for senior's dog in need of medical care

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Rene Ruiz, a senior customer service clerk for the Mayor's Citizens Assistance Office shared a story about BARC employees' efforts during the COVID-19 crisis .

"On May 21, the Mayor's Citizens Assistance Office  received a call for help from one of our elderly constituents. She was in dire need of medical attention to her beloved pet chihuahua.

"Francine Hollins is a senior residing in district D, she is disabled and has no means of transportation. She explained she was a responsible pet owner who has for many years licensed and vaccinated her pets through BARC. Her beloved chihuahua was in need of flea medication and a rabies vaccine. Hollins was aware of our ordinances and very conscious of her pets health. She had not been able to receive transportation and is also at risk for covid-19 due to her age and disabilities.

"After I spoke to her, I assured her that I would make contact with BARC but could not make any promises on assistance because it is not a common occurrence. I made contact with Jarrad Mears, the Manager at BARC, who then relayed the information to his Director Greg Damainoff. Mr. Damainoff immediately and without hesitation conducted a plan to assist Hollins. Damainoff dispatched a team from BARC to make contact, they then  administered a rabies vaccination, heartworm meds, Bravecto treatment, and nail trimming.

"I would like to give recognition to Mr. Damainoff because he does not receive recognition for all the things he does behind the scenes, the leadership he provides for his teams, and his interactions with the public. His observance of customer service is beneficial to every constituent of the City of Houston," Ruiz wrote.  

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