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Houston Water crew earns two kudos letters in one month

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One Houston Public Works crew in truck 43842 garnered congratulatory letters from two separate residents in one month for their work in resolving broken water mains. Crew members included Frank Leiger, Sidney Christian, Quan Motley and Ty Taylor. 

Dr. Mary C. (Cindy) Farach-Carson wrote to Mayor Turner to give a shout out to a Houston Public Works crew who worked efficiently to repair a broken water main despite cold, wet and unpleasant weather. Crew members included Frank Leiger, Sidney Christian, Quan Motley and Ty Taylor. 

"I'd like to tell you about a recent experience I had with some of your own dedicated City of Houston employees who answered our 311 call when our main water pipe broke curbside, sending a river flowing down the street. They work out of the Southwest Quadrant (7101 Renwick Dr.), and report to Prince Mackie," she wrote. 

"Frank Legier, Sidney Christian, Quan Motley (I was so excited to see a woman on the crew!!), and Ty Taylor answered the call of duty last Wednesday. They were wonderful- the weather was cold and wet, and they cheerfully slogged through the mud to find the broken pipe then the City shut off valve that had gotten buried under feet of mud. They explained everything to us and to our neighbors who assembled to watch the process. They were patient and determined to find the problem. They took care not to destroy the beddings any more than necessary.

"In short, they made what was a very stressful situation one that brought people together in a very positive Houston Proud kind of way. It is too often that folks doing their jobs like this are taken for granted, so I wanted to take a minute and give them a shout out to you. You should be proud of this fine crew out representing the City of Houston literally in the trenches!"

 Alan Galicki also wrote to Mayor Turner to express his gratitude for the same Houston Public Works crew:  Sidney Christian, Quan Motley, Ty Taylor, Frank Legier

"I'm writing to recognize the outstanding service provided by the city employees involved in repairing a water leak in front of our house. I first called 311 on Feb. 2, a Sunday, to report the leak. On Monday, Feb. 3 a COH water person arrived to check out the situation and register the job. Unfortunately, I do not know her name but she was courteous, helpful and efficiently received all of our information concerning the investigation into the leak by our plumber and who had determined that the problem was on the city’s side of the meter.  

"The city repair crew arrived on Wed, Feb. 12.  They quickly found a small leak and replaced a gasket.  Then it became obvious that there was another bigger water problem a few feet from the meter.  At this point, they could have left the job and put the onus back on me to start the process all over again with another work order. Fortunately, the foreman and crew started to dig again in the new area and unearthed a more major leak around a buried and forgotten meter.

 "Overall, I was very impressed with the efficiency of the whole process and the professionalism of the city employees."

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