Thursday, 27 February 2020 13:57

Richard Smith's customer service earns high praise

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Yusuf Barey and Ayesha Bari wrote to Mayor Turner to commend Richard Smith, a managing engineer in the Houston Permitting Center. Barey and Bari submitted construction plans to the city, which went through two rounds of revisions. When Bary's engineer was no longer available to make the necessary corrections, Smith helped them troubleshoot the problem. 

"At a loss for not knowing what to do, we went back to the city. Mr. Smith took it upon himself to explain in detail what corrections were needed.  He even gave us some sample drawings so that it would be easy for any qualified engineer to make the corrections. We were able to find another engineer who was able to help us out. The sample drawings came in very handy. If it were not for Mr. Smith, we would not have been able to get our plans submitted at all. People like Mr. Smith makes the cty a great place. May God Bless the City of Houston and it’s wonderful employees."



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