Wednesday, 28 August 2019 13:57

Catherine Dorsey radiates empathy and good will

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Luther Jones, legislative assistant to Senator Joh Whitmire, wrote to Mayor Sylvester Turner to compliment Catherine Dorsey, a community relations specialist at the Acres Homes Multi-Service Center. Jones met Dorsey as he accompanied a constiutent to the multi-service center to acquire a Gold Card. 

"We were greeted at the door by Community Relations Specialist Catherine Dorsey who welcomed us cheerfully and then proceeded with great efficiency to walk Senator Whitmire's constituent through the application process," Jones said. " It is rare these days to encounter public servants who radiate such empathy and good will as Ms. Dorsey.  She is a tribute to your administration and the tireless efforts you are making to improve the quality of life in Houston. Bravo to you, Mayor, for having such qualified, intelligent and empathic employees as Ms. Catherine Dorsey."

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