Thursday, 25 July 2019 15:34

Park Houston employee assists stranded teen motorist

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Chris martin Frank Gordon wrote to Park Houston  to express his gratitude for Parking Compliance Officer Christopher Martin's kind service to his daughter. An inexperienced teen driver, Gordon's 17-year-old daughter experienced car trouble on a hot day. Here's what Gordon wrote: 

"My 17-yea-old-daughter was on her way home when her car overheated. She almost made it to the house, but her car stopped right outside our neighborhood. Unfortunately, her phone died almost immediately after she called me to inform me of the situation. I left work to go help. She was unable to charge her phone due to the car not starting. It was a hot part of the day and she sat in the car sweating and crying in frustration."

"She told me that a Park Houston SUV passed her and then made a u-turn to park behind her with the flashers on. (Martin) got out of the car and asked her if she was ok and if she needed help. My daughter let him know that the car wouldn't start but I was on the way. Your employee asked if he could help push the car into the neighborhood so it wasn't clogging traffic. He pushed the car while she steered. She said he offered her a cold bottle of water and let her charge her phone for a little while on his car charger after they got the car moved. 

"He left before I arrived, but I am so thankful for him helping my daughter. He didn't tell her his name, but hpefully you can identify him to let him know we're thankful. We are grateful for your staff."


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