Wednesday, 29 May 2019 20:29

HPC's Soledad Saenz earns high praise from software contractor

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Erwin Chiong, excutive vice president and chief technology officer of Avolve Software, wrote to Mayor Turner to recognize Houston Permitting Center's Soldead Saenz. 

"This letter is to express our appreciation for the dedication and hard work that one of your staff at the Houston Permitting Center (HPC) has provided to the city.  We at Avolve Software have worked with over 150 jurisdictions in North America and alongside many individuals working to improve government through digital transformation.  In the case of HPC, I would personally like to recognize Soledad (Solie) Saenz for her major contributions toward the successful implementation of Houston’s ePlan Review system," he wrote. 

"Solie’s contribution to the project and helping Avolve on product strategic directions has been invaluable. We experienced a dramatic improvement in collaboration and operational success once she stepped in to take charge of the Electronic Plan Review system.  Her efforts led directly to more efficient processing of building permits. 

"The recent success for the 100% paperless program for residential permits was made possible through  guidance and leadership from Solie.  Our team wishes to recognize her for her excellent work and efforts.  As Avolve continues to work with Solie and her team to implement the Commercial permits, our common goal is for a 100% paperless program beginning in August."

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