Tuesday, 30 April 2019 14:12

HPW's Patricia Jones recovers residents' stolen purse

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Earlean King wrote to Mayor Sylvester Turner to express her gratitude to an unknown Houston Public Works employee who helped King recover her discarded belongings after her purse was stolen at a gas station. The employee has been identified as Patricia Jones, a utility worker and tandem dumptruck driver. Here's what King had to say:

"On Thursday, March 14, 2019, I frequented the Shell Service Station on the corner of Court Road and South Post Oak at approximately 2:00 pm. As I pumped my gas and returned to the inside of the station to get a refund receipt for the remainder of the gas that I did not need, and have it removed from my credit card, it was determined after viewing of the station' s security camera by the HPD Officer that two guys in a vehicle drove up, broke my passenger side front window and stole my purse from the floor. All my personal belongings, money, credit cards, TDL, Concealed Handgun License and cellphone were in the purse."

"I tried to call my son, who was home at the time, from the service station number, but he stated later that he did not recognize the number and did not answer. However, he stated that he realized that I had been gone a bit long just to get gas, so he called my phone number. This lady (Patricia Jones)answered and advised him that she had found my purse and it was on the side of the street. My son went to meet her."

"The HPD Officer asked if she could come to the station and give a little information. When they both arrived at the station, my money ($200) was gone and my credit card wallet was missing. I asked her if she saw a little black wallet nearby and she stated she saw something. She and my son went back to the site and also found my credit card wallet, which contained my TDL, Concealed Handgun License, SS Card and several credit cards, and brought them back to me. She provided the HPD Officer with the location where she found my purse and he proceeded to patrol that area in search of the car he has seen on the Security Video as well as the perpetrators. She promptly returned to duty. She was my angel that day."

"I was so distraught that I failed to convey my deepest gratitude to her. This employee exhibited the essence of professionalism and courtesy. Her uniform was pristine and her attitude and demeanor very courteous and she exhibited a willingness to assist me.  Whomever hired her should be commended, she did them proud. The city should be extremely proud to employ an employee with the morals and moral fortitude this employee exhibited. Finally, please convey my deepest gratitude to this employee and advise her that I will never forget her."


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