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Residents proclaim HPW employees to be sewer saviors

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David and Lori Farias wrote to Mayor Sylvester Turner to report their positive experience with Houston Public Works employees. 

“We are writing this long overdue letter of sincere thanks for efforts that went beyond the normal scope of work. Please sit down and read how grateful we are for your guidance and employees who are rarely seen as shining stars. 

“We experienced a problem with our sewer line which had backed up. There was a major blockage where our sewer line connected to the City of Houston.  We hired a plumber to clean out our sewer line. He determined that the problem was on the City of Houston main sewer line. That attempt was not successful. Also, we live next door to an apartment complex that had issues with backed up sewers for some time. 

“We called City of Houston 311 and City of Houston employee, Derrick Brooks came out to inspect the sewer line and determined that the main sewer lines had not been cleaned in years. He found an accumulation of grease and other items that restricted the flow of water. Enter your super team of employees with the City of Houston: Allen Warren, Herbert Parker , Damon Mitcheil , Ira Stanley , David Smith , James Lake , Russell Francis and Marcus Hodge."

“Our sewer was backed up and coming out of our clean out! These gentlemen corrected the problem and saved us! We know that there will be days of complaints, criticism and what is wrong with the City of Houston. But, take heart tomorrow can be a better day and this letter is proof there are people who care.” 

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